About Us


Making Digital marketing affordable for every individual and enterprises.


Everyone will have a web presence regardless of their budget.

What does BDA Technologies mean?

BDA Technologies is a combination of “BDA” and “Technologies” which means Building Digital Arena with the help of latest Technologies available in the market.

Who are we?

We are a team of technocrats who joined their hands with an endeavour to create an affordable web presence for every individual and enterprises. We are fully dedicated to offering our best services at the cheapest rate possible. We love what we do and passionate about our work.

We choose to be unnoticed because we are here for our client’s brand, not ours.

What drives us to start BDA Technologies?

In this digital era, we realized that Digital Marketing is the future of any business. In our effort to indulge ourselves in the process of joining hands with the future, we found so much discrepancies in the prices offered for the digital marketing services. Therefore we decided to take the responsibilities in our hand in order to deliver these services at very consistent and affordable rates to everyone. Hence we started BUILDING DIGITAL ARENA.

What is our focus?

We at BDA Technologies focus on Startups and individuals who want to show their web presence but hesitate because of their low budget. We also welcome old enterprises who are still focusing on conventional marketing because they don’t want to invest a large amount of money in digital marketing.